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Export business procedures

If you want to import our products and if you have a company abroad that deals with the sale and installation of carpentry, here you can see how cooperation with us works:


In order to make the offer as accurate as possible, it is necessary that when sending us the request, in addition to the window/door carpentry schemes, you must also define the following items:

Nenad Vasiljević

Contact person for export business:

Nenad Vasiljević, sales advisor in the B2B sector

Step 2: We Send You an Offer

After receiving your request, we will prepare an offer in which the sales conditions are defined. Our standard conditions require a 70% advance payment, followed by the remaining 30% of the entire order no later than 3 days before the goods leave for the importer’s country.

The condition for starting the work is the signing of the working sketches/offers and the payment of the advance. The date of signing the design sketches/bids and advance payments is the starting point for the defined deadlines. The advance payment amount must be at least 70% of the total value of the work.

Regarding tax-related legal benefits: Goods paid for from abroad are exempt from paying taxes and customs duties in the producer’s country, and the importer’s country pays for the import customs clearance of the goods at the tax rate of that country.

If the goods are paid for in the producer’s country and then exported, in that case, VAT is calculated on the goods, and the buyer organizes the export. The accompanying documentation consists of an invoice/receipt for the purchased goods and a statement on the origin of the goods, and the buyer organizes the export using these documents.

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS to Sunce Marinković doo:

Step 3: Taking Measures at the Facility Abroad

We can organize the measurement of openings for carpentry or the taking of measurements on a building abroad, with the accompanying costs borne by the buyer. In this case, Sunce Marinković guarantees the dimensions and technical details related to the manufactured goods. If the buyer provides the measurements for the production of joinery, the buyer guarantees those measurements by signing the production offer, and in this case, complaints regarding the direction of opening, the dimensions of the positions, and other related details will not be taken into account.

Step 4: Assembly of Carpentry

The installation of carpentry cannot be done in the absence of Sunce Marinković or our workers because we are currently not registered for this activity in any EU countries. However, if the customer requests this service, we can organize contact with companies from our network of partners who perform this service for us. The customer can negotiate directly with them about all the details of installation, such as price, planned date of installation, etc. In this case, we negotiate for the installed elements.

If the customer decides to organize the assembly himself, Sunce Marinković guarantees the functionality of the unassembled product itself.


Since Sunce Marinković does not transport goods with its own vehicles, we have the possibility of organizing transport with partner companies. There is also an option for the buyer to organize transport themselves, but in both cases, Sunce Marinković cannot guarantee against any damages caused during transport. However, we provide information about the goods’ condition during loading by photographing them, and if the buyer wishes, they can arrange for the inspection of the goods upon loading to determine if the goods are undamaged. The cost of transportation is always agreed upon by the buyer.

The goods can be packed in two ways. The first is to protect each element individually with stretch film and cardboard, while the second is to pack them on specialized pallets for transport made by Sunce Marinković.

Sunce’s quality control department recommends packing joinery on pallets as the safest way to avoid any possible damage during transport.

Step 6: Deadlines

Sunce Marinković defines the deadlines for the production and preparation of goods for transport. The approximate deadlines for standard positions are around 4 weeks. For special constructions, colors, and other requirements, deadlines are defined separately for each job depending on the availability of necessary materials and production capacity at a given moment.